WBO Testimonials

"When I attended my first WBOM Women in Business event, I wasn't sure what to expect. By the end of the night I felt empowered by the energy of the group and the conversations I had with other members and guests, which led me to sign up as a member on the spot. I have created great new networks and several friendships ..."
"Being a part of WBOM-women in business and now sitting on the board, allows me to network and build relationships with like minded business women; from all different industries and at different stages within their careers. The member meetings are formed around business topics, and I have always left the meeting ..." 
"First and foremost is the contacts and friendships I have developed in the last few years as a member. Having people I can talk to who know how challenging it can get and knowing that we are working together. Then I would have to say the resources that are offered, the wealth of knowledge in the membership is amazing ..."
"I joined WBO initially to make contact with other women in business, over the 2 years that I have been a member my business has grown substantially. The incredible women that I have met and fostered relationships with has been immense."
"I have been an active member of WBO for 23 years. I have made some excellent life long friendships and have done lots of business over the years with many WBO members. I encourage you to get involved."
"My experience with the WEYA was a good one. I was not sure I was going to enter, but at the last minute decided to enter a submission. I took someone advice to hire a writer to help me compile my eight page story and information for the category of Emerging Business. That in itself was a good exercise to go back ..."

WBOM Women in Business

Announcing the 2015
Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Join us on Thursday, May 14th and help us celebrate these amazing women. 
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We are a non-profit, independent organization that addresses the unique needs of the female professional.  We exist to provide support and inspire excellence, learning and growth for individuals and businesses.

We provide the opportunity for professional women to share in each other’s experience, strength and success. We increase awareness of the importance of women in business and to celebrate the Women Entrepreneurs at our annual Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala evening.

Our primary goal is to create a connected, supportive and inspired community of professional women.